Stylish & Stylized: Cara & Yason’s Couple’s Session

Two very distinct portraits creating using the same backdrop, same light sources, and same colored gels, but manipulating direction, power, and exposure for wildly different results. Yason’s portrait in particular is heavily influenced by the lighting techniques of Nick Fancher, whose work I have been studying…

These are not your usual “couple’s portraits”.

Then again, Cara & Yason are NOT your usual couple.

Their BADASS LOVE called for a badass approach: a little punk, a little avant-garde, and a whole lot of cool. I had a total blast shooting this couple <3 

Usually, I shoot couple’s sessions outdoors, on-location, with gorgeous natural light. But this past week, driven indoors by the bitter Long Island winter weather, and shooting late after sunset, I pulled out some of my favorite tools from way back when I was shooting my daily self-portrait project (a grey vinyl backdrop, my speedlight, my softbox, various other lamps, and colored lighting gels) to give this couple something totally different: a stylish & stylized indoor studio session. 

It was so fun to PLAY and EXPERIMENT during this shoot: lots of “gobos” like string lights and prisms, and lots of FUN directing Yason to toss his epic hair for this action shot…

Even though this was a “couple’s session” (don’t worry; we’re getting to the sweet, romantic shots soon), Cara & Yason each have their own distinct personal styles, so most of this shoot was about capturing them separately as individuals. Cara had a colorful, playful energy that was fun to work with, while Yason (a talented photographer himself) seemed to emit a certain aloofness, and mystery that I wanted to explore with my photographs of him. 

Reviewing these images, I’m so delighted with the variety of looks and moods I created in a single small room, with a handful of lights, and one backdrop! Cara & Yason’s two unique styles really stand out…

I love the dreamy, feminine look of this portrait…

My admiration of Yason’s photography inspired this portrait of him at his craft.

But even my indoor studio photo sessions are about more than stylized art; Cara & Yason’s genuine expressions, candid moments, a loving smiles were the highlight of our shoot:

When I asked C&Y to hold up my reflector (which has a hole cut in the center for my lens), I was able to “spy” on these two lovebirds and capture these romantic candid portraits.

My favorite couples to photograph are couples who are REAL: authentic, creative, enthusiastic, and willing to work “outside of the box” (or in this case, INSIDE the box of an indoor studio space!) Cara & Yason were such a fun couple to photograph, and I can’t wait to work with them again soon <3

Too cool for school.



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