Black FoamCore: Food Photographer’s Best Friend

One of the most powerful tools for food- and product-photography is available at Dollar Tree, is light and portable, and is with me at all times in the back seat of my car…

Yes, I’m talking about black foamcore.

Whenever I am at Dollar Tree, I stock up on black and white foamcore sheets to take with me on restaurant shoots. The white pieces can create a clean white background or be used as reflectors, and the black pieces make excellent backdrops, as well as functioning as a ”black flag” when manipulating light and shadow.

Shooting on-location in restaurants is always a wildcard: I never know whether I am about to enter a 5-star establishment, or whether I will be stuck in a dirty-deli, shooting out the backdoor of the kitchen on a milk crate.

Fortunately with my foamy friend, I am always ready for any assignment…

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