On Becoming a Resident Artist at The Art League of Long Island

It’s OFFICIAL, yo.

Note: The views expressed on this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Art League.

Whoa, what a WHIRLWIND of a Summer! I have been extremely busy, and for freelance photographers like me, “busy” is good ;)

As much as I love shooting portrait sessions, this summer brings a new and different opportunity that has revitalized my photography practice: I have been selected as one of 6 “Resident Artists” at The Art League of Long Island in Huntington! This award is particularly special, as this is the first time ever that the ALLI has awarded Resident Artist Memberships and, based on the success of our experiences during this coming year, the ALLI might make this program a recurring annual opportunity! 

We are the guinea pigs…and let’s just say this RAM Program offers some delectable little food pellets: 50 hours of free classes per semester, access to the Lorraine Graves Grace Memorial Library (the largest art library on Long Island), as well as use of Open Studios to make new work and collaborate with other artists.

Really, my favorite aspect of being a Resident Artist is the COMMUNITY. Through ALLI events and monthly volunteer opportunities, I am meeting and connecting with so many creatives whom I otherwise might never have encountered. 

(Most of) the RA Crew: Craig, Adrienne :), Andrea (our fearless leader / Arts Education Program Coordinator), Angeli, Diane, & Simon (Not pictured: Beth)

Staying COOL at Art in the Park: Michael, Adrienne, Charlee (ALLI Executive Director), Bobbie (Director of Operations & Events Coordinator), & Simon

Though I have only been a RA at the ALLI for a couple of months, I am already feeling connected, revitalized, and inspired to make new work. I have taken one class so far (Mixed Media with Carole Jay: highly recommend!), and I have several more classes coming up this summer. 

Right now, the biggest change is that I have started a NEW PHOTO SERIES (working title: “Cover Me”), and I am in the process of seeing what that series will become: 

Vintage magazines and dried foodstuffs. That’s all I can tell you for now ;)

I am also working on building a *separate* website for my creative/fine art work…a place to showcase my personal work (like my new series)…so stay tuned for that!



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